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Fundraising Events

Host a Recycle Event

If your organization is looking to earn money, how about hosting an e-Waste recycling event? It’s both easy and a great way to help stop global warming, protect landfills and waterways, and conserve natural resources.

Hosting an event is a free community service with zero cost to those donating their e-waste and little cost to you.

What we need from you:

All you need to do is advertise the event!

The most successful events are those where you advertise and get the word out. Ways to advertise include: a school newspaper, community or church bulletins, flyers, yard signs, email campaign, Twitter, Facebook, any type of social media, and word of mouth!

If your group is looking for a service project or needs to acquire service hours, an e-cycle event is exactly what you need!! It’s both fun AND easy!!!

Keep in mind, the more e-waste you collect, the healthier our environment and the more successful your event.

We look forward to the opportunity of serving others and the environment with you!

We will provide the following:

1. E-waste collection boxes.

2. Pallets and stretch wrap for stacking computer monitors and other e-waste.

3. Bluegrass Recycle employees to help with loading and unloading of e-waste.

4. Transportation and hauling of all the collected e-waste to our facility where it is sorted and weighed.


After the e-waste from the event is weighed and processed, we will mail you a check for the amount of weight produced from your fundraiser.


Cell Phone Recycling:

We also offer a cell phone recycling program, which allows you to raise money for any cause or organization. This takes very little time and effort and there is NO cost to you whatsoever. We provide posters and pre-paid FedEx shipping boxes. This program is easy and conducted for any length of time and anywhere in the country.

  1. Place our box in your school, church, business, or organization.
  2. Fill it up!
  3. Tape it up!
  4. Ship for free!

Receive a check within 30 days!

Be sure to check back often for our upcoming e-waste collection events!